Our Services


“Many times a client will come to me excited about an idea, but they haven’t thought it through. What I like to do is take that idea and analyze it to see what it would really take to bring it to fruition. I help them take their dream and make it a reality by breaking their big ideas into small steps so they get a true picture of what
it’s going to take to make it happen.”




How do we work together?

You are unique. So is your business and that’s how we work with you.
At dashBusiness we don’t fit you into a slot. We create a custom profile that specifically fits your needs. There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions here.
We assign you a primary and secondary account manager, and then set up your personal profile. We begin with one of the following general profiles and go from there.


Daily Business Affairs — Bill Paying and bookkeeping, etc

Just like it sounds, we handle everything from soup to nuts and everything in between.


Monthly Bookkeeping

For the client that manages their daily business affairs we offer “After The Fact” (aka Write Up). We take historical information (checks and deposits that you make) and record them so that you up have up to date financial statements. This is very helpful for business planning, loans and expedites the submission of your tax work at year end.

Tax Packages

We pride ourselves in offering one of the most extensive tax packages around, and one of the reasons that we have so many CPA referrals, we make their job easier and more cost effective for the client.

Our tax packages include:

  • Copies of all bank account year end statements and reconciliations
  • Copies of January Credit Card statements with reconciliations
  • Copies of all Year end tax forms 1099/1098 interest statements, etc
  • Reconciliation of Trial balance bank balances to the bank reconciliation
  • Review and submission of profit and loss in detail for your review and corrections
  • Reconciliation of multiple W2 forms for entertainment industry personnel
  • Copies of all tax information returns, payroll, quarterly and annual, resale reports, city business license reports

Payroll Options

We work with several state-of-the-art payroll services. We will choose the service that best fits your needs and budget.


Services We Offer

- Bookkeeping
- Set-up and Maintenance of Chart of Accounts
- Accounts Payable
- Accounts Receivable
- Bank Reconciliation
- Credit Card Entry and Reconciliation
- Setup and Maintenance of Files
- Annually Archiving of Files and Returns for Storage
- Payroll Processing
- Workers Compensation Audit Reports
- Preparation of City Business License
- Preparation of Resale Reporting
- Customized Reports help you keep in touch with your bottom line, increase revenues and make sound financial decisions.
-Preparation and submission of Forms 1099/1096
-Collaboration with our clients on supporting their business goals